Colin Snead vlog interjú (angol nyelven)

Colin Snead vlog interview
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Colin Snead is the CEO of furgefutar.hu and allpacka.com where you can find the world’s biggest courier companies, all in one place!

In this vlog interview, we covered topics like:

  • How to find a profitable business idea?
  • How to scale your business even if you don’t have any long-term plans
  • What contributed to the success of Colin’s companies
  • How to learn business by doing it
  • What apps, software they use for daily operations
  • What would he do differently if he would be starting over

The tools they use for operation:

Book of choice:

Brian Tracy – Eat that frog

The podcast he mentioned in the vlog:

Jason Calacanis – This week in startups

Oszd meg a cikket a barátaiddal!

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